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Why Choose A Radiant Heating System?

Radiant heating systems are one of the most effective, comfortable, and energy-efficient technologies available for managing the levels of warmth in your home.  Powered by hydronic (hot water) boiler systems, a radiant heating system consists of a network of tubing that is installed throughout your home.   The hydronic boiler produces steam by boil water.  The steam is then fed into the tubing system, which is strategically arranged into grid and spiral patterns that run underneath the floors and mounted inside the walls of your home.  

Hydronic, radiant heating systems are incredibly quiet and utilize convection to spread heat throughout any structure.  The steam-filled tubing emanates warmth, which rises through the floor and out of walls where it can be absorbed by the objects, people, and pets in any room.  Because radiant heating systems do not rely on air ducts, fans, and large volumes of heated air to produce the warmth that they generate, they are whisper quiet and can drastically reduce the levels of allergens, germs, pollen, and other contaminants in the air.   

Radiant systems are highly customizable and can be controlled precisely, enabling homeowners to direct heat flow only to the areas that are desirable while leaving unoccupied/unused ones alone.  For this reason, hydronic boiler systems and radiant heating are extremely energy efficient and cost-effective in the long term.  And, as these heating technologies are desirable, installing of a hydronic and radiant heating system into your home can significantly improve its resale value.

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6 Myths about Radiant Heating

1. Radiant Heating is cutting-edge technology

While it is true that the hydronic boilers used to power modern day radiant heating systems, which are constructed of materials that may not have been around quite so long, the concept has been around for a long time.  Since Ancient in fact, where heat was transferred throughout the small empty spaces underneath floors and inside of walls through use of small, controlled fires.

2.  Radiant heating systems only heat the floors, and not the rest of the room

While certain types of radiant systems may provide only supplemental warmth to the floors or cold spots of your Albuquerque, NM home (which may currently rely upon a traditional central air conditioning-based heating system), modern hydronic radiant heating systems are a standalone solution to heating needs.

3. Radiant Heating systems are ineffective because heat rises

This is, in fact, incorrect.  Hot air rises, which is why traditional forced-air heating systems can often result in hot and cold spots throughout a room.   As the air is injected into the a room, it is briefly projected onto the occupants before rising rapidly.  Conversely, a radiant heating system actually maintains warmer temperatures at low levels and the promote steady even warmth throughout the area.

4.  Radiant Heating is slow

While this can be true, depending on the materials into which the hydronic radiant tubing lines have been installed, it isn’t necessarily the case.  If your Albuquerque, NM home has tubing installed in concrete, the time required for warmth to build up and reach the interior of a room is significantly increased.  However, certain alternative materials designed for use with radiant heating systems can be implemented to enhance the speed and efficiency with which a radiant system can heat a room.

5.  Radiant Heating is imprecise

This is completely untrue.  In fact, radiant heating systems provide homeowners with an incredible amount of control.  Hydronic radiant heating systems are perfect for creating targeted comfort zones within specific rooms and areas within a larger structure.

6.  Radiant Heating can only be installed in floors with specific kinds of flooring materials

While there are certain types of materials which may be more well suited for use with radiant heating systems, special paneling can be installed to enable safe, efficient installation and use of radiant systems in virtually any home.


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